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Fish Hook

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This is a lovely gift or award for any occasion including birthdays and weddings. With the Maori tradition, one of the meanings for the fish hook is:

Fish Hook - Hei Matau:  The Fish Hook is derived from the original Fishing Hook, which was a provider of food and prosperity.

It represents strength and determination and brings peace, prosperity and good health.  It is also a symbol of Good Luck and of safe journeys over water.

There are two prices listed one is for the Hei Matau by itself and the second price is including a base and a plaque with a simple message on it for the recipient.  The base may differ from the one shown depending on availability.

The approximate measurement of the Fish Hook - Hei Matau are 220mm H x 70mm D x 130mmW.  These measurements do not include the base.

Glass Ornament will be attached to a wooden base with an engraved plaque.