Koru Spiral - MariaJames

Koru Spiral

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This is a lovely ornament or award/trophy for a great achievement.  It is green and blue glass with a clear crystal glass base.

Hand crafted glass spiral,  packaged in a satin lined gift box.

The Koru has great cultural meaning in NZ for Maori and New Zealanders alike.

The Koru:  A symbol of personal growth.  Positive change. New life and harmony.

Koru - Spiral:  The Koru or spiral represents the unfurling of the frond bringing new beginning and potential.  It also represents peace with a strong sense of new beginnings.

The spiral can also express the promise of a meaningful relationship or the strength and purity of a loving relationship within a family.

Small: 170mm Tall, base 65mm sq x 30mm H

Medium: 200 Tall, base 90mm sq x 30mm H

Large: 230mm Tall, base 116mm sq x 30mm H